About the Paintings

Artist Johniene Papandreas' dramatic, large-scale paintings zero in on the enigmatic moments that usually escape conscious recognition. Her portraits and figurative works capture the fleeting expressions between expressions with almost shocking aliveness, depth, and emotion; her botanicals, the hidden spheres of nature co-existing beneath out radar.

Her paintings reveals moments thought private, unobserved; those rare moments when you may glimpse the absolute truth...the moments just before the walls go back up.

About the Artist

Before returning to fine art, Ms. Papandreas headed her own firm in New York designing for the legitimate and corporate theatre.  Her complimentary sensitivities as artist and businessperson help ensure a positive collaborative process whether working with private collectors or Architects, Designers, and Consultants.

Commissions:  The Artist/Client Collaboration

The artist does accept commissions and works with her collectors and Design clients directly at every step to create an individual work of art that will speak uniquely to the space and your desires.  You can be assured of a unique and powerful work of art delivered in a timely and professional manner. For more information please email us. The artist will respond to your inquiry personally.

J o h n i e n e  P a p a n d r e a s

P A I N T I N G S  O F  M Y S T E R Y  A N D  S E N S U A L I T Y   F O R   I N T I M A T E   S P A C E S